Due to the swift spreading of coronavirus disease (Covid-19), the Government of Viet Nam has decided to:

(i) From 12:00 (noon) 15 March 2020 onwards, for 30 days

- Temporarily suspend entry of foreigners who come from the Schengen countries and/or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or have visited or transited through these areas within 14 days preceding their expected entry into Viet Nam;

- Suspend visa upon arrival for all foreign nationals.

- Foreigners who are experts, business managers, highly skilled workers entering Viet Nam will be medical checked and quarantine shall be applied in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

- This decision will not be applicable to entrants for diplomatic or official purposes.

(ii) From 00:00 (midnight) 16 March 2020 onwards

- All the passengers on flights, that arrive to and depart from Viet Nam teritory, have to wear face mask during the flight.

- All the people have to wear face mask at public places (airports, malls, stations, on public transports, etc.)​

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