Date of establishment of diplomatic relations with Vietnam: 03/02/1950

Vietnam and Hungary established diplomatic ties on 3rd Feb, 1950. The two countries have been maintaining traditional friendship cooperation.

Hungary extended valuable assistance to Vietnam during the struggle for national defense and construction. In the movement called "Vietnam, we are always beside you", Hungary supported Vietnam with blood and supplies.

Hungary also attended the International Committee to observe and control the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Vietnam. Hungary trained about 3,500 Vietnamese science and technology cadres at all levels and cleared all debts that Vietnam owed before 1973.

After Hungary's institutional transition, in early 1990s, the relations between the two countries saw little development. However, since 1992, this relationship has been gradually improved.

Vietnamese leaders' visits to Hungary: Foreign Minister Nguyen Manh Cam (May 1992); Deputy Prime minister Tran Duc Luong (August 1994); Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly Phung Van Tuu (Sep 1995); Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet (May 1997); Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Van Yeu (December 1999); Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien (September 2003); and President Tran Duc Luong (May 2004).

Hungarian leaders' visits to Vietnam: Vice-chairman of Parliament Korodi Maria (April 1996), Foreign Minister Kovate Laslo (April 1997); President Guenso Aropat (February 1998); Vice-Chairman of Parliament Sili Kotolin (April 2000); Chairman of Parliament Sili Kotolin (March 2004); Prime Minister Dutran Pherenso (July 2005); and Special Envoy of the Prime Minister Medgyessy Peter (March 2007).

The economic and trade cooperation between the two countries continues to develop. The two- way trade in recent years as followings: (millions $)

Vietnam's import16.4018.4725.20
Vietnam's export21.6427.0331.80
Import and export turnover38.0445.5057.00

(Source: Vietnam Customs)

Hungary supported Vietnam's bid to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) without requirements of negotiation. It also supports Vietnam's nomination as a non-permanent member of the UNSC in the 2008-2009 term.

Since 2003, Hungary has considered Vietnam one of strategic partners in its ODA policy. In 2004, the ODA program started with a freshwater fish-hatching project. Some Vietnamese delegations came to Hungary to exchange freshwater fish- hatching experiences and Hungary also gave two scholarships to Vietnam. In 2005, Hungary granted US$ 6,000 in ODA to Vietnam. During Hungarian Prime Minister Gyurcsany Ferenc's visit to Vietnam in July 2005, the two sides signed a framework agreement on cooperation and development to confirm common principles in supplying and receiving Hungary's ODA to Vietnam in the future. Hungary pledged to grant over 500,000 Euro as its 2006 ODA to Vietnam. In that framework, the Hungarian Government provided US$ 110,000  to Vietnam in a project named "the development of crocodile-skin products export". In 2007, Hungary's ODA is as the same as that of 2006.

Due to the new establishment of the Hungarian Government, Hungary appointed its Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs as the Special Envoy of Prime Minister to attend ASEM-5 in November 2004 in Hanoi.

In 2005, the two sides held many activities to celebrate the 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

During the Hungarian Prime Minister's visit to Vietnam from 19th to 23rd July 2005, in the talks and discussions, both sides demonstrated determination and wish to further enhance traditional friendship relations to reach a new stage, especially in the economic and trade areas and when the two countries had gained important achievements in their respective national construction and regional and international integration.

Until now, the two sides have signed: an Agreement on Double Taxation Avoidance, an Agreement on Investment Promotion and Protection, an Agreement on Judicial Assistance, a Joint statement on the Development of Vietnam-Hungary cooperation and relations; an Agreement on Economic Cooperation, an Agreement on Agricultural Cooperation, an Agreement on Development Cooperation, an Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation, an Agreement on Cooperation between Vietnam's Ministry of Planning and Investment and Hungary's Ministry of Economy and Transportation, and various cooperation plans in education and training, tourism, culture, customs and broadcasting technology. The two sides have finished all preparatory procedures for signing a Protocol on reviewing State and Governmental international agreements reached in the 1959-2001 period.

The Joint Committee for Vietnam-Hungary economic cooperation held the first meeting in Budapest in September 2005.​​

In Education, Hungary gives Vietnam 5 scholarships in engineering and 20 scholarships in agriculture for each year.

​The Vietnamese community in Hungary is about more than 4,000 people, most of them live in Budapest./.


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