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  • Over the past 35 years, the beginning of the "Doi Moi" has marked a milestone in the development process of Vietnam that has been described as "miraculous", bringing Vietnam from the country that has been facing many severe consequences become a diversified and vibrant economy in Southeast Asia. Vietnam's economic growth rate in the past years was 6-7% per year. To date, Vietnam has established diplomatic relations with 189 countries and territories and has an important role in international relations.

    Vietnam and Hungary established diplomatic relations on February 3, 1950. During the past seven decades, the friendship and traditional cooperation between the two countries have overcome many challenges and developed effectively. During the time of war in Vietnam, through the movement "Vietnam, we are side by side with you", the Hungarian people were united to support Vietnam, thus engendering a strong source of spiritual encouragement to the Vietnamese people to win the final victory. In the cause of national construction, Hungary has assisted Vietnam to train thousands of highly-specialized cadres in many fields.

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